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We are really excited if you feel like working wholesale with us. Please send us a letter about your shop and we will gladly discuss all the details.
About Momset
Hi, it’s Alexandra, founder of Momset. There is nothing more cliché than a mom that builds a brand for mothers on a maternity leave. But here I am. Why create another brand for moms?

Having become a mom, I immediately realized that I don’t know to which group of people I belong. My childless friends didn’t seem to get my problems and worries, while there was too much stigma around new moms. Dressing like a mom, acting too motherly all seemed inappropriate if not offensive.
At the same time, I started to understand that moms are super human beings with phenomenal powers and they have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, but instead should be proud of being mamas.

Creating things that empower moms, especially new mothers, is one of our main goals. Through common anxieties, worries and laughs, we support each other and wear clothes that scream MAMA with great pride and gratitude.